Predictive dialer is one of the types in call center dialers which works automatically to make calls with the help of a computer system. It makes an individual’s job efficient and easier. Basically this system is used for purposes such as telemarketing. The best part of this system is that it can dial automatically many phone numbers. After establishing the connection, call is routed to a live operator. These dialers are designed in an order to jobs related to the sales oriented call centers.

To better understand the benefits of predictive dialers as a whole, one of the seminal work in this area by Doug Samuelson, Predictive Dialing for Outbound Telephone Call Centers, shows us that predictive dialers have the ability to keep call center agents busier and immensely reduce the number of outbound calls that are abandoned due to the lack of an available operator to handle the presented call. With the help of research and empirical evidence, predictive dialers have shown to reduce the amount of time an agent spends waiting idly for call to made and connected from 2 mins to 20 mins in an hour. The numbers seem small in reading but when considered as a whole day’s worth of time, that’s a six times improvement. Thus, proving that predictive dialers are a powerful and must technology for any outbound call center.

Predictive-dialerThere are various advantages of using these dialers which are as follows:

Saves valuable work time of a businessman – The system of this dialer is smart enough as it can predict when a caller is about to complete the call. Just after the first call ends, this system without wasting any time dials other number. If a call is ignored by the receiver, the system will leave that call and move to the next call which helps it to save precious time.

Sophisticated algorithms – This system uses definite algorithms to find out the timing of call. It notes the amount of time a person requires during conversation and based on this it decides the duration of future calls.

Management functions – This system helps an individual or a businessman to produce reports for organizational functions. These include export, import, printing and compilation of various types of reports such as leads, call reminders, calling schedules and call codes.

Monitoring purposes – The system of this dialer helps in recording calls made by agents. It helps in to monitor their conversational skills, knowledge and abilities.

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Generating leads – Having this system helps a business or an organization to control and generate leads in a speedy and efficient manner. Furthermore, if a person dials a picky number using it and is able to meet sales target, this system will remember the data.

Furthermore, predictive dialers have the ability to adhere government regulations, avoid any legal issues, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Also, it can monitor and enforce abandon rates, all the while letting you set safe calling hours to ensure your call center agents only call at appropriate hours, according to time zones. Not only this but you can also import Do Not Cal lists and even manage and updates its own internal Do Not Call list.

All of these are features and many more are only possible because of a complex algorithm used to code the predictive dialer software which has built in Artificial Intelligence. Thus, making predictive dialer a must switch to from our older traditional dialers.

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